TR LOG Features

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TR LOG Features
- Design Philosophy
- Supports Over 60 Contests!
- Runs on Almost Anything
- Two Radio Support
- Intelligent Entry
- Serious CW Operating
- DVP/DVK Support
- VHF Contest Support
- RTTY Support
- Advanced Bandmap
- Computer Control
- Footswitch Support
- Advanced Features
- Post Contest Analysis
Work RTTY Contests

TR LOG supports many RTTY contests. If you want to get on the air during a RTTY contest and work stations using the famous TR LOG user interface, now you can! In RTTY contest mode, the bottom half of the screen is your window on the RTTY world!

  • Use Any TNC
    TR LOG wil let you talk directly to your TNC or All Mode Controller, so you have the maximum level of control and flexibility. You can define send and receive control characters for any TNC.
  • CQ and Exchange Memories
    You can define CQ and exchange memories for each contest. These memories are fully integrated with the logging sequence. TR LOG knows what stage of the QSO you are in, and automatically sends the right text.
  • Direct Keyboard Entry
    TR LOG lets you send text directly from the keyboard when you want to. This is a great feature when you want to send special greetings to your friends, ask a station to move to another band, or need to ask or reply to a question.

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Last updated: 26 January 2006