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TR LOG Features
- Design Philosophy
- Supports Over 60 Contests!
- Runs on Almost Anything
- Two Radio Support
- Intelligent Entry
- Serious CW Operating
- DVP/DVK Support
- VHF Contest Support
- RTTY Support
- Advanced Bandmap
- Computer Control
- Footswitch Support
- Advanced Features
- Post Contest Analysis
Footswitch Support

Ever wished you had an extra hand available during a contest? With TR LOG, a footswitch can be interfaced to the computer to help make the program more efficient. TR LOG features an advanced foot switch mode that can be configured to let you do any the following with your foot, instead of using the keyboard commands.

  • Swap radios for two-radio contesting.
  • Perform a dupe check on the current QSO.
  • Advance the QSO to the next step. You can configure this to either send CW or to advance without sending.
  • Send CQ, or answer a call. TR LOG is smart enough to know when you are CQing and when you are in S&P mode.
  • Start sending a reply before you've completely typed in a callsign.
  • Delay CW sending until the footswitch is pressed.
  • Advance to the next station on the bandmap that you have not yet worked.
  • Return to your last CQ frequency.

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Last updated: 26 January 2006