TR LOG Features

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TR LOG Features
- Design Philosophy
- Supports Over 60 Contests!
- Runs on Almost Anything
- Two Radio Support
- Intelligent Entry
- Serious CW Operating
- DVP/DVK Support
- VHF Contest Support
- RTTY Support
- Advanced Bandmap
- Computer Control
- Footswitch Support
- Advanced Features
- Post Contest Analysis
Computer Control

TR LOG offers outstanding support of today's computer controllable radios. Ever logged contacts on the wrong band? With TR LOG, that may never happen again. With computer control, if you switch bands or modes on the radio, TR LOG follows - switch bands or modes in TR LOG, and the radio follows. You can even automate your entire station: switch antennas, switch bands on your amplifier or filters, turn on and off devices to save power when running on batteries, and more!

  • TR LOG supports computer control for Kenwood, Icom, Yaesu, Elecraft, Ten-Tec, and JRC radios, including RIT and VFO control from the computer keyboard on many radios.
  • Band information is available on the parallel port for antenna and bandpass filter control. TR LOG is compatible with the Top-Ten Devices band decoder, the Array Solutions IBS-1 band decoder, the Unified Microsystems BCD-10 band decoder, and more!
  • In conjunction with TR LOG's beam heading feature, you can have the computer control your antenna rotor. M2 Orion and Hygain DCU rotor control protocols are both supported.

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Last updated: 26 January 2006