TR LOG Features

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TR LOG Features
- Design Philosophy
- Supports Over 60 Contests!
- Runs on Almost Anything
- Two Radio Support
- Intelligent Entry
- Serious CW Operating
- DVP/DVK Support
- VHF Contest Support
- RTTY Support
- Advanced Bandmap
- Computer Control
- Footswitch Support
- Advanced Features
- Post Contest Analysis
An Advanced Bandmap

TR LOG has an intelligent bandmap feature that fully integrates Packet Cluster spotting into the application. Connect to a local Packet Cluster using any TNC, and TR LOG will organize packet spots by frequency and age, and tag important spots, giving you an instant feel for the band. With a computer-controlled radio, you can instantly change to a spot frequency.

  • Band map entries change color as they age.
  • Full QSX support from packet spots with that information.
  • Your own CQ frequency displayed on the bandmap.
  • Special symbols designate worked stations, new multipliers, and spots with QSX information.

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Last updated: 26 January 2006