TR LOG Features

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TR LOG Features
- Design Philosophy
- Supports Over 60 Contests!
- Runs on Almost Anything
- Two Radio Support
- Intelligent Entry
- Serious CW Operating
- DVP/DVK Support
- VHF Contest Support
- RTTY Support
- Advanced Bandmap
- Computer Control
- Footswitch Support
- Advanced Features
- Post Contest Analysis
Advanced Contesting Features

TR LOG has many advanced features for the serious contest operator.

  • Unique Name Database
    You can greet the station you're working by name! You can also store QTH, grid square, CQ zone, and other information for any callsign in the database.
  • Uses Standard CTY.DAT File
    Uses the same standard data file for country, zone, and beam heading information as other popular contest logging programs.
  • Multi-Computer Networking
    Connect multiple computers together for that big multi-multi or Field Day operation! TR LOG networking includes error detection and automatic retrys. TR LOG can also participate in a network with other computers running CT contest logging software.
  • Sunrise and Sunset Times
    TR LOG can display sunrise and sunset times for stations based upon the country, prefix, district, province, or oblast that best identifies their location, perfect for those low band contest operations.
  • WAE QTC Support
    From both inside and outside of Europe, operate the Worked All Europe contest and pass QTCs (previously logged contacts sent as traffic messages) in a straight-forward manner.
  • ASCII Log File Format
    Never worry about losing your log in a binary format that you can't read! TR LOG always stores log information in easy-to-edit ASCII text files.
  • User Programmable Screen Colors
    Dislike the default colors? Change them to suit your needs!

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Last updated: 26 January 2006