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Log File Conversion Utilities

- LogConv by KA5WSS
Robert Barron KA5WSS has written a program that can convert from TR LOG and other log file formats to ADIF and Cabrillo. It includes a built-in database to deduce additional geographic information from contest exchanges. LogConv v2.0 will run under most Windows platforms (Win98/NT/XP/2000/2003).
- elog Maker for JARL All Asian DX Contest
The JARL requires that logs submitted for entry in the All Asian DX Contest be in a unique format. This online tool will help you prepare your TR LOG log file for submission, creating a file in JARL "e-log" format.
Martin Kratoska OK1RR has written some simple software utilities to convert TR LOG files to ADIF format.
- LogTime by N4AF
Howard Hoyt N4AF has developed a simple DOS utility to correct hour offsets in a TR LOG file. LogTime can increment or decrement log entries up to 23 hours. This can be very useful after a contest if you discover that the computer clock was set wrong.
- Cabrillo File Utilites by VE3IAY
Richard Ferch VE3IAY has developed a set of DOS utilities to convert Cabrillo format logs to ADIF format. Two utilities are designed extract frequency information from TR LOG LOG.DAT files for inclusion in Cabrillo and ADIF logs respectively.
- ADIF County Utility by AD1C
Jim Reisert AD1C has written a DOS utility to extract county details from an ADIF format log generated from a state QSO Party. Depending on the function of your Cabrillo to ADIF or TR LOG to ADIF conversion utility, this tool might be useful in generating better ADIF logs.

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Last updated: 26 January 2006