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User Hardware Contributions

- Two-Radio Control Box
Dale KG5U uses this control box he designed to manually switch antennas and headphones for two radios in a contest.
- A "Contestpedition" Cable for TR LOG and the Icom IC-706
Bob K6XX describes a cable he designed to interface his notebook computer, running TR LOG, to an Icom IC-706 for a trip to Hawaii. The cable supports CW, PTT, paddles, and rig control for Icom radios.
- PC Audio to Headphones
Dale KG5U describes a circuit he developed to send the computer's speaker audio to a headphone jack. This lets him run the TR LOG CW simulator and listen to the code in headphones rather than coming out of the front of the computer.
- Optically Isolated Keying
Glenn AE0Q details circuit schematics using optocoupler ICs to help keep RFI out of your computer's parallel or serial port when using TR LOG to key the radio on CW.
- MFJ 432 Voice Keyer Interface
Rich KL7RA provides a circuit schematic and description for a interface cable to use an MFJ 432 voice keyer with TR LOG.
- MFJ 434 Voice Keyer Interface
Glenn AE0Q provides a circuit schematic and description for a an optically-isolated interface to use an MFJ 434 voice keyer with TR LOG.
- Using the Kenwood DRU with TR LOG
Don K4BEV describes how he set up the numerical keypad to key the Digital Recording Unit (DRU) in his Kenwood TS-570 from within TR LOG to use it as a voice keyer.
- Opto-isolated Computer Interfaces for Kenwood and Yaesu
Guido IK2BCP describes interface cables to connect Kenwood and Yaesu radios to computers running TR LOG that are opto-isolated (to reduce RF interference) and require no external power supply.
- Icom CI-V to RS-232 Interface
Nigel KG7SG published this circuit in the July 1992 issue of QST. The interface requires no external power and will interface an Icom radio to a computer running TR LOG.
- TR LOG Parallel Port CW Interface Pinout
A quick reference of the pinout used by parallel port keyer interfaces with Amateur Radio contesting logging software TR LOG.

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