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G3CWI has written a review of contest logging software, published in RadCom, Nov. 1999. Check out what he has to say about TR LOG!

"TR LOG is the best Sweepstakes software by FAR!!" - N5TJ

"TR LOG is the best logging program bar none!" - K3ZO

"The program just keeps getting better!" - K6LL

"The best software for automating the second radio process is TR LOG by N6TR." - W4AN

"TR LOG is serious software for serious contest operators. I have operated contests using a computer since 1986, and nothing beats TR LOG if your goal is to maximize your potential." - N5OT

"TR LOG is the most complete contest logging program ever! Thanks for a really great job, Tree!" - S57AD

"TR LOG saved my house from destruction!! - WE9V

"I'd just like to express how much fun TR LOG has put into contesting for me. Even with my weak code ears and little city lot station, learning (and using) more of TR LOG's features allowed me to have some personal best hours during the start of the ARRL November Sweepstakes this year that make the whole effort seem satisfying. I know I'm never going to win SS, but staying within 10-20% of some of the super ops is my victory. It's all due to TR LOG." - K5WA

"TR LOG added about 10 dB to my enjoyment of operating most contests -- especially the Sprints. N6TR's support, both on the reflector, and in terms of supporting wish-list items with his frequent program updates, is second-to-none." - K2UA

"Unlike the other packages, it was possible for me to configure most aspects of TR LOG to suit my own needs exactly." - G3CWI

"I am very satisfied with TR LOG, which is extremely user-friendly and versatile, in particular for the CW operator!" - PA5EA

"As a little peanut in contests (no tower, wire only,) I appreciate the 'search and pounce' features/mode of TR LOG. Been having a blast..." - W9ZV

"There is nothing like TR LOG for having the contest exchange pattern built into its very DNA - it has DVP and keying built right in and, most importantly for me, integrated right into the flow of a contest exchange." - VA7IRL

"TR LOG - I can't really imagine how it could be any easier." - K5PI

"I get a real charge out of the simulator feature in TR LOG. Using it with the Sprint file is a great way to practice for that insanity." - N9JF

"TR LOG worked great for me in the CW Sweepstakes. With a broken arm, the foot switch I added Thursday night made all the difference, and I learned you can type in calls with one finger." - K6KYJ

"This is a great program that makes contesting fun. While not a serious contender in CQWW, it was a lot of fun, and EASY to get going. I've used it in a couple of other contests now and the flexibility is phenomenal!" - W6LSN

Blind hams can enjoy contesting too: "For contest logging software I have used TR LOG with good results. I use it in DOS with a DOS screen reader called ASAP, but I imagine it would work fairly well with JAWS For DOS. It also seems to work in a DOS window with the JAWS for Windows screen reader. I used it on a laptop in the IOTA contest, and it was quite easy for me." - K7RX

"In an age of over-hyped products, few, even in the Amateur Radio community, live up to their advertising. TR LOG is one of the few products that I have bought recently that has lived up to its billing. I am happy I chose TR LOG over the competition." - W8VJW


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