TR LOG: Contest Logging Software 
by N6TR
Two-Radio Contesting Support

Even modest stations can benefit from two-radio contesting. "It is my goal to make TR LOG the leader in two radio contest operation." - N6TR

- Single-Operator Contesting with Two Radios
Rus K2UA presented this introduction to the concepts and mechanics of two-radio contesting at the Contest Forum of the 2001 Dayton Hamvention.
- The CW Sweepstakes and Two Radios
Tree N6TR, author of TR LOG, discusses how anyone can use two radios in the popular ARRL November Sweepstakes radio contest.
- Two Radio Contesting Tutorial
Tree N6TR gives a tutorial on how to use TR LOG with two radios during a typical radio contest.
- Two Radio Single-Op
Bill W4AN, breaks down the motivation and the basic hardware needed to become a two radio single operator contester using TR LOG.
- Two Radios in the NCJ Sprints
Tree N6TR shares his two-radio contesting technique for the popular NCJ North American Sprints.
- 1997 Dayton Hamvention Presentation
Tree N6TR made this presentation on two-radio contesting at the 1997 Dayton Hamvention Contest Forum.
- Two-Radio Control Box
Dale KG5U uses this control box he designed to manually switch antennas and headphones for two radios in a contest.
- Two-Radio Switch Box Schematic
This is a two-radio switch box that Tree N6TR designed, in PDF format. It lets you manually switch radios during a contest.


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Last updated: 20 October 2006