TR LOG: Contest Logging Software 
by N6TR
User Contributions

- SBDVP: A TR LOG Compatible Digital Voice Keyer
Kevin Schmidt W9CF has written DOS software that emulates a K1EA DVP using a SoundBlaster sound card. The program is designed specifically to work with TR LOG.
- Telnet Spots in TR LOG
Ken WM5R describes a configuration for getting packet spots into TR LOG from a telnet Packet Cluster using a second PC, running Linux, with an Internet connection.
- WinTelnetX for Telnet Packet Spots
David K1TTT has written a Windows application that lets you cross-connect an Internet telnet cluster connection to a COM port, which can be used instead of a TNC with the bandmap feature of TR LOG.
- HTTPDxCatcher for Web Packet Spots
F5MZN has written a free Windows application you can use to gets DX spots from the OH2BUA's web cluster and pass them to a serial port. This can be used instead of a TNC with the bandmap feature of TR LOG.
- TR LOG Function Key Template
Ingemar SM0AJV designed a keyboard template for TR LOG. This is a Microsoft Word document file.
- TR LOG Button Cheat Sheet
John K2MM developed this simple "cheat sheet" for learning the different button commands in TR LOG.
- Using TR LOG with Monochrome Displays
Glenn KB1GW gives some example configuration files to help TR LOG users with monochrome displays get the most out of the program.
- Interfacing with the Kenwood TS-2000
Eric KU6J has uncovered the secrets to getting a Kenwood TS-2000 transceiver to communicate with TR LOG .
- K1EA DVP IRQ Settings
Ed W0YK offers some hints and suggestions for those trying to use the K1EA Digital Voice Processor with IRQs other than the default.
- TR LOG In Living Color
Kirk K4RO provides an example configuration file for TR LOG that radically changes its default color scheme.

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Last updated: 20 October 2006