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Try Out TR LOG for FREE!
FREE Version Supports:
- ARRL Field Day
- Region One Field Day
- Japanese International DX Contest
- New Zealand Field Day
- South American World Wide Contest
   ...and CW Simulator Mode!

N6TR has created a free version of his software, that has all of the powerful features of the full release! This version is a full operating program, including rig control, CW keying, and DVK support. It supports all of TR LOG's advanced features, including advanced post-contest log processing and analysis. The only difference from the full version is that it supports only a limited number of contests, chosen to give everyone around the world a chance to try it out.

If you cannot wait for the next contest, use the built-in CW contest simulator to learn TR LOG's powerful CW features. It's the ultimate Amateur Radio computer game! Try it out today and discover just how an intuitive and powerful logging program, TR LOG, can make your contesting more enjoyable!

  • Download the FREE version of TR LOG, based on the version 6.69 release. This version only supports five specific contests, see above (2 July 2002):
  • Download POST Version 6.72a. This is a free version of the TR LOG post-contest log processor, that supports the new Cabrillo log format, and may be useful for those with older versions of TR LOG (30 December 2002):

You will need PKUnzip to decompress the files after downloading. If you need the PKZip software package, you can get it using FTP from

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Last updated: 26 January 2006